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Precautions After Undergoing Root Canal

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Decaying teeth are prominent these days due to excessive use of preservatives and food additives. Along with the adult population, there is a high prevalence of infected tooth pulp among the young generation. This needs to be cleaned and disinfected using the root canal procedure.

Root canals are often painful, and even after anaesthesia during the procedure, you may feel tenderness afterwards. For the first few days after the completion of the root canal procedure, your tooth will feel sensitive due to tissue inflammation. For most patients, it takes a few days to recover. In rare cases, patients can take up to a week or two to get back to their regular schedule.

It is quite important to follow proper advice post root canal to prevent infection and any other unfortunate circumstances. Guidelines become essential if you have a temporary filling or crown placed inside the mouth.

Based on your symptoms, your Dentist may prescribe some medicines to help manage them. Regardless, here are some 4 precautions following a root canal treatment:


After going through the root canal procedure, maintaining your oral hygiene becomes crucial.

  • Brush twice a day and floss regularly to prevent any infection or inflammation.

  • Brush your treated tooth gently and apply soft strokes rather than being aggressive.

  • Gargle with warm salt water as they are an effective remedy for any tooth ailment and also reduce pain.


Make sure to avoid taking in hot substances, either solid or liquid. Increase the intake of softer items like curd, yogurt, or ice cream, all of which are on the colder side as well. Do not eat any hard, crunchy or spicy food as it can lead to inflammation.


Try avoiding chewable food when your mouth is numb as it can lead to mouth sores, and increases the chance of accidents like inside biting. Also, the part area that is treated becomes more sensitive and prone to mishap. So it is recommended to NOT chew from that side of the mouth and move food towards the other side.


It is best to refrain from smoking and intaking any alcohol when on medication, as it can interact with medications and cause adverse side effects that can jeopardize one’s health.

For a speedy healing, you can apply ice constantly to the affected area from the outside. If you still experience unusual swelling, pain or any other side effects, consult your Dentist immediately.


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