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Certified Dentist Doctors

Over ten years of experience and expertise to provide all the Dental services you will need.

Friendly Medical Environment

Tooth Dentists believe that practicing dentistry should be a friendly environment, which is how we have designed our office to be!

Tooth Experts

At Tooth, we are committed to being the best and treating every patient like family. Our dedicated Dentists are truly passionate about dental care and delivering exceptional service.
If you’d like to schedule a consultation with our Dentists, please contact our Tooth office today.

Dr. Sunny Badyal

Dr. Badyal was raised in Natomas and attended Natomas High School and went on to UC Davis to earn his Bachelors in Biotechnology. He attended the University of Western Ontario for Dental School and graduated in 2008.

Dr. Steven Phan

Dr. Gaetan Tchamba

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