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Know More About Wisdom Teeth Removal and Dental Implants

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Wisdom teeth extraction is the most common dental surgical procedure performed. For children of age 15 and above, it is recommended that a CBCT Imaging scan be done to check the position and location of wisdom teeth. Based on the data from the scan, the Dentist will determine whether it is the right time to remove the teeth, or even removal is needed or not.


  • The jaw size of the patient and if there will be sufficient space for the wisdom teeth to come into the oral cavity.

  • The location of the wisdom teeth. Sometimes they are rotated or tilted in a direction that will cause the tooth to be impacted regardless of the size of the jaw and spacing for the tooth to come into the oral cavity.

It is recommended that a child at age 15 and above should get an evaluation of their wisdom teeth.


Dental implants have become a prominent way of treatment. Dental implants have quickly grown in popularity over the last 10 years, as a primary source of tooth/teeth replacement options. Due to the high success rates of 97% and durability, they have become the standard of care for missing teeth. Many patients have lost teeth previously, for various reasons:

  • Cracked teeth

  • Failed root canals

  • Large cavities

  • Missing teeth from birth

  • Periodontal disease

Before implant treatment options were available, dental bridges or partials and/or dentures were the only modes of replacing teeth. These three options have challenges:

  • The difficulty for patients to chew and eat foods as they did before (when teeth were present)

  • Acting as food traps that constantly need to be cleaned

  • Needing to be removed at night

Patients look for more permanent options, to accommodate their busy lifestyles and the need to eat and smile freely without any restrictions. Dental implants are the best restorative option for restoring teeth. Dental implants can be for:

  • A single tooth

  • Multiple teeth

  • Full mouth teeth removal and replacement, and even

  • Supporting dentures and partials with implants to give more stability to them in the mouth

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